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La Campa Lempira

At only twenty kilometers south of Gracias in the beautiful country side lies of the most beautiful and antique towns in Honduras.
It is like magic to the visitor eyes to see this town in between canyons and pine forests and with some of the best preserved colonial buildings in Honduras.
Most of the inhabitants from La Campa are of Lenca descend that still preserve the traditional way of life. La Campa is well known for its magnificent Lenca pottery production. Much of the pottery production comes from the hillside villages where the villagers earn their living making pottery in the traditional Lenca style.

La Campa was originally a Lenca town known as Tecauxinas. It became a municipality in 1921. The name La Campa derived from an expression used by miners defining a place to camp to look for protection from the rain.

The climate of La Campa is cool and temperate most of the year and it is just the perfect spot to relax.

The main celebration in La Campa is San Matias Day a holiday and festival period that runs from the 15 to the 28 of February each year that attracts about 30,000 pilgrims to honor and pay respect to San Matias the community's patron saint.

view of the city of gracias

Ancient structures beautiful landscapes define this beautiful and pristine town.

lenca indians honduras

castillo san cristobal gracias lempira

Below is a photo of the newly restored museum.

coloniial house gracias lempira honduras

Below is the famous San Matias Church.

street city of gracias lempiira


turismo gracias lempira

gracias lempira hotels

Beautiful friendly people live in La Campa.

colonial city honduras gracias

castillo san cristobal gracias lempira

castillo san cristobal gracias lempira

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